Monobloco in DC/Baltimore

Monobloco selfie

We had a blast at the Monobloco percussion workshop at the Ambassador’s Residence at the Embassy of Brazil in DC on Wednesday! Thanks to Ambassador Luis Alberto Figueiredo Machado and his wife Maria Angelica Ikeda for hosting, and cultural attaché Jean Karydakis for helping us organize the event. We had tamborins, caixas, repiniques, agogôs, chocalhos, and surdos, and we learned to work together to create a pretty groovy sound! The evening ended with a stunning demonstration by Monobloco that brought smiles to everyone’s faces and samba steps into our feet.

The concert at the Creative Alliance was the dance party of the year! The caipirinhas were flowing and everyone was on their feet dancing, jumping, and singing. Chants of “Para porque? Porque para?” led to a 45-minute encore that brought Monobloco into the crowd, carnival street-style! We plan to bring Monobloco back next year, so stay tuned.

Thanks to Alex da Luz from Barbecue Brazil for sponsoring the event and providing food for the band. We showed them that they are always welcome here in Washington, DC!


Check out videos from the events:

Monobloco works with percussion students at a workshop at the Ambassador’s Residence at the Embassy of Brazil in Washington, DC.


Monobloco joins the crowd, carnival-style, at their concert at the Creative Alliance in Baltimore, MD.


Check out more videos on our Monobloco in DC playlist.

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