Viva Brasil! A weekend of bossa nova, samba, pagode, frevo, samba reggae, funk, and more

2024-03-02 Viva Brazil band

Creative Alliance’s Viva Brasil! Carnival Dance Party celebrated its 20th year earlier this month!

This year, carnival celebrations extended through the entire weekend. EducArte curated Friday night’s bossa nova performance, featuring the great showman Marcos Ariel from Rio de Janeiro, who took us on a journey through Brazilian music. The Marcos Ariel Trio featured Andrew Connell on saxophone/clarinet and Nanny Assis on drums and percussion. EducArte also offered two dance workshops on Saturday afternoon—frevo and samba, taught by Kate Spanos and Ilheuma Zezeh. In the evening, we brought back JP Silva, straight off the plane from Rio’s carnival parades, backed by Pablo’s Baile Band, a local favorite. The evening closed out with singer Rose Moraes and samba reggae troupe Samba Trovão, who celebrated their 20th anniversary this year. DJ Marcela Biondo kept the crowd pumped throughout the night with Brazilian funk hits and interactive dance routines!

Check out some highlights below. We are only missing clips from JP Silva’s performance, because we were all too busy dancing or playing music!

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