André Coelho

André Coelho is a pandeiro player and percussionist from Rio de Janeiro. He played in samba schools, blocos, samba and choro circles where he delved into his studies of the pandeiro, one of the most popular instruments in instrumental Brazilian music. He has played with greatest musicians in the Rio music scene and has accompanied singers at various performances as a freelancer in various projects. He has furthered his knowledge of percussion, and today, besides pandeiro, he also plays surdo, tantan, repique de anel, atabaque, repinique, caixa, tamborim, and various other instruments. He is a researcher in environmental studies and sustainability. In this context, he develops projects that bring together science, culture, and art, contributing to the promotion of environmental awareness and education using percussion instruments created with recyclable materials. He moved to the United States, where he currently lives with his family. In the short time he has lived in the Washington, DC region, he has already played with various musicians. He also records in his home studio and offers workshops and classes in partnership with the non-profit EducArte.

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